Life, love, and triathlon.

Well, as I write this post, there are about 10 days until I "get hitched", "attached to the old ball and chain," "promise to spend my life with another," and so on and so forth. Needless to say, that is on my mind. 

Triathlon is what brought Kenna and I together. We met while I was coaching a cycling class. We trained together in the pool too at the Monday night swim class.   Before we started dating I drove an extra 30 minutes each night to pick her up for swim practice, then drop her off afterwards.  


We have raced dozens of races together in the past few years and shared many training experiences from flooding pouring rain (in the water and on the bike), endless 135 mile rides, and countless early mornings. She tends to think that I'm continuously trying to 'off her.' In a way she might be right. Some of those experiences might have been tests, and she's passed. Kenna's as tough as she is beautiful. 

Now we are sharing the experience of planning a wedding. This is another journey we've shared together. Today was a trying day. There were highs and lows just like race day. In the end we got a lot accomplished, and are happy with the result. As we reflected on the day Kenna shared some words of wisdom.

"I'd do an Ironman any day over planning a wedding. The Ironman involves endless days of fun for one day of pain. The wedding involves endless days of pain, for one day of fun." 

I can't wait for that day to come. It will be worth it and it's a good thing we're only going to do this once. I was also reminded that those times of tension and stress will come, best thing is to go back to what we know and love. Go hit the trails, the open road, or the water. There's no better place to let the stress melt away. It's clear what happens if we both haven't gotten our fix of fresh air, or sweated out the bad stuff. 

Kenna an I will be married on October 25th and we have a lifetime ahead of us. It will be filled with many more experiences that will test our limits and I can't wait to share those with her.