I have compiled the best resources to aid in mental training for triathlon. Below is a guide on where to find the best information and specific examples of the type of material contained in each book. Some are reference guides, some are experiential stories. Each provides an insight into mental training for triathlon. I will review how they relate to the most up to date theories and ideas in sport psychology.


The best practical  guide to psychological skills in triathlon. This book takes you step by step through all psychological skills from arousal control, dealing with anxiety, imagery, and focus. Detailing how to make a race plan. This small book is an excellent pick up to give you a head start in mental training for triathlon.

This book takes it a step further than the sport psychology library. There are specific sections on the psychology of injury, Ironman racing, and keeping one's mind healthy within the sport of triathlon. The most inclusive mental training guide specific to triathlon. 

Venturing into the comprehensive triathlon training books, the Triathlete's Training Bible is the most popular.  While this book is short on a complete section dedicated to mental training, the second chapter deals directly with attitude. Here the concept of mental toughness is introduced along with many attributes that come from deliberate mental skills training. Throughout the rest of the book there are many sections that relate to mental skills training. For example; in the race day section the first topic discussed is a specific pre-race routine with positive thoughts and self affirmations. 

Chapter 11 is titled training the mind. I would recommend this chapter to any athlete racing an Ironman, or long distance triathlon. There are some great insights into how to prepare and what you may encounter on race day. The next chapter on case studies is also very helpful for the long distance triathlete.