Your body is the vehicle to take yourself places where you've never been. Each challenge is personal and will fill your life with joy. Not every second will be fun, but I know you will find a smile. 

The mission of DRiVEN Endurance is to enhance your life through the endurance sports lifestyle. Through the pursuit of goals in endurance sport you will live a more rewarding life. Time spent breathing fresh air, testing your body’s limits, and sharing the experience with a community of like-minded people will keep you living in the moment.

Developing a relationship with my athletes is a key part of the coaching experience. Knowing who you are and what motivates you will help us in reaching your goals. The coaching relationship goes both ways and requires a commitment from you the athlete, as well as from me the coach.

Coaching is delivered with the individual considered every step of the way. Every athlete is different and should be treated as such. Each athlete receives his or her own individualized coaching schedule. In addition to a detailed training regimen, work on psychological skills, technique, nutrition, functional strength training, and recovery is also available.

Racing, on any level, seeks a balance within us. For every moment of hassle and pain, there is one of revelation and joy.
— Mike Ferrentino